The Czech food production and distribution company CHOCOLAND a.s. represents both a rich tradition and newest trends in the area of confectionery products. It takes advantage of a continuous historical development going back to the 19th century, yet it relies on modern technology and equipment. Extensive experience and professionalism of the staff have always been the guarantee of the group’s success.

More than a hundred years of tradition

The history of CHOCOLAND a.s. has its beginnings in 1894 when its predecessor, Kolínská továrna, started to produce a coffee substitute called Kolínská cikorka that soon became famous throughout the entire Austria-Hungarian empire.

The popularity of Kolínská cikorka continued until the 1950’s when the business like many others in the former Czechoslovakia was nationalised and became part of Čokoládovny, a giant confectionery concern. Under the label of Soja Kolín, the company specialised in soya processing and semi-finished production for other companies within the Čokoládovny group.

Since the 1960’s the company’s factory in Kolín has featured the largest processing capacity for soya beans used in products intended for human consumption in central Europe.

After Nestlé and Danone companies took part in the Čokoládovny group in the 1990’s, a thorough restructuring process including the sale of the Soja Kolín company took place.

The carrier of centennial tradition and experience has become  ALTIS® Kolín and later merged with Chocoland Beri, chocolate figurines market leader. Chocoland Beri was set up on a greenfield in Beroun in 2001 and shortly became successful on chocolate sweets market. In 2010  its production from Beroun was transferred to Kolín with modern machinery and new technologies. The processes were set up so that customers of both companies would profit. The range of products was extended, production was made more efficient and customer sevices were improved.

Leading the market of chocolate figures

At the turn of 2013/2014 two more big changes were introduced. In September 2013 Chocoland Beri changed its name to CHOCOLAND a.s. On January 1, 2014 CHOCOLAND a.s. trading company merged with ALTIS® Kolín production company giving birth to one big stock company CHOCOLAND a.s. It is under its wings that all production of Kolín factory successfully travels to Czech and foreign markets.