Which brand is the most important for us? Of course, the one after which our company is named - CHOCOLAND. It symbolizes everything that is important to us - a chocolate land full of pleasant tastes, aromas and experiences, a place where centuries-old production tradition meets excellent ingredients and, thanks to the experience of our masters, is transformed into unique products.

Under the CHOCOLAND brand, you can find a wide range of confectionery on the shelves, from fine cocoa and nut creams Crema through delicious bars of the elegant I am... concept (Madam, Coffee, Chestnut or Sladká) to luxurious Mucha chocolates.

A separate chapter among CHOCOLAND products belongs to seasonal confectionery. Whether at Christmas or Easter, you will surely find our products at home - chocolate figurines, advent calendars, Easter eggs or holiday packages. We love the idea that our products make not only everyday life more enjoyable, but also truly festive moments throughout the year.