The story of the SORINI brand began in Castelleone in the pharmacy of Dr. Fausto Sorini in 1915. In more than a hundred years, the small confectionery manufactory has turned into a modern company producing premium sweets for consumers in more than fifty countries around the world. However, Dr. Sorini's basic idea still defines the character of the company today - to surprise customers with the finest sweet treats, developing each product as if it were a jewel to be explored and enjoyed rather than eaten. Only then can the unique quality of the SORINI exclusive brand be appreciated.

The basis of the offer are Sorini pralines - unique crispy pralines filled with cream dipped in various types of chocolates and toppings. A passion for developing special confectionery has brought to life the unusual breadth of flavours and unexpected combinations hidden in each praline. Sorini chocolates combine the taste of dark, milk and white chocolates, hazelnut or milk creams flavoured with coffee or caramel, for example.

What sets Sorini products apart from other chocolates is certainly the design. The elegant packaging will captivate you at first glance - the luxurious tin boxes and unexpected paper constructions will emphasize the uniqueness of the Italian brand and reveal that they contain real gems that will be appreciated by anyone who loves chocolate pleasure.