Every top-quality food product needs two things: quality raw materials and meticulous care in production. You certainly have a mastery of the production process and we dare to say that we can offer first-class semi-finished products. The combination of our raw materials and your production skills can make your product an object of consumer desire and repeat purchases. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is also our benchmark, which we constantly strive to achieve. That is why we pay the utmost attention to all products, whether semi-finished or finished, throughout the entire production cycle. From the careful selection and control of purchased raw materials through the actual production process to the sensitive handling and storage of goods in temperature-controlled warehouses. The efforts of all employees of CHOCOLAND a.s. to ensure the highest quality and safety of the food produced are also proven by HACCP, ISO 45001, 14001, IFS and UTZ certificates.

Semi-finished products for further processing in various branches of the food industry have been processed at CHOCOLAND a.s. for more than sixty years. Traditional items include soy semi-finished products and, for example, we are the only producer of full-fat soy flour in the Czech Republic. However, our offer also includes a wide range of toppings, modern filling creams and a variety of dessert masses or roasted kernels. The long tradition of manufacturing semi-finished products is matched not only by the breadth of our range, but also by our individual approach to you, the individual customer. We know that your production processes and technologies require a unique approach and we are ready for it. We can handle the individual development of semi-finished products tailored to your needs. We would be delighted to work with you and enjoy the fruits of our cooperation.

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