The STEENLAND brand tradition dates back to 1899. It was in that year that a bakery was founded in the Dutch town of Gouda, which quickly began to focus on the production of sweet delicacies and high-quality pastries for demanding customers. Today, Steenland Chocolate specialises exclusively in the production of unique chocolate products. By processing several types of chocolate, the confectioners have been able to develop a unique chocolate blend with a distinctive taste that is characteristic of all products bearing the STEENLAND brand. The standard is to produce high quality and unique chocolate products that are delicious and, above all, fun.

Under the STEENLAND brand we offer a wide range of chocolate products for every occasion. The most popular products on our market are undoubtedly chocolate coins in various weights and packages. However, the creativity and fun of the STEENLAND brand has been fully expressed in the development of unique small shaped chocolates - chocolates in the shape of small letters, animals, pirate skulls or love kisses that have already won the hearts of many customers.