For 60 years, the manufacturer of sweet chocolate products KLETT has been a proven guarantee for hungry customers and a reliable partner for business partners. When company founder Walter Klett first started producing hollow chocolate figurines in 1958, he had no idea that he was laying the foundation for a true chocolate kingdom - a brand that can be found all over the world today.

Today, Klett specialises in the production of seasonal figurines. More than 200 types of individual shapes can be tasted especially during the Christmas or Easter holidays, when St. Nicholas, the Devil or the Easter bunnies are irresistible. Important is, all products under the Klett brand are made exclusively from chocolate - milk, dark or white. In recent years, we have also been able to enjoy products under the Klett brand outside of the major holidays. For example, the little chocolate footballs are a favourite among young footballers virtually every day.