DIANELLA diabetic confectionery is one of CHOCOLAND's most successful product lines. The products under the DIANELLA brand are prepared in collaboration with leading diabetologists and dieticians to best meet the needs of diabetics and anyone who cares about a healthy lifestyle. Half of the European population is overweight or obese and around 7% of people suffer from diabetes. For example, it is estimated that there are more than one million diabetics in the Czech Republic alone.

DIANELLA today offers the widest portfolio of products for diabetics on the Czech and Slovak market. Under the DIANELLA brand, diabetics can enjoy great chocolate bars, chocolates, candies and unique bars.

And what makes DIANELLA products stand out? Of course, the quality of the raw materials, original production processes and rigorous quality control of all products. Important is, the development team already focuses on reducing the carbohydrate and fat content and achieving a minimum calorific value when preparing new products. The result is products with better nutritional value, delicious taste and affordable price. The conclusions of the expert opinions show that, thanks to their composition, DIANELLA confectionery products "have less energy and, in particular, a lower glycaemic index compared to similar products. This makes them more suitable for diabetics."